Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The level of contrast between Isabel Allende’s ,”house of the spirits,” and Women On the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown,” is so obvious it is almost not worth mentioning. Almodóvar’s film is another example of a piece with emphasis on it’s strong female characters, though it sheds it in an entirely different way. Pepa, though some may disagree, is portrayed as a incredibly strong willed woman. She is determined to get what she wants by any means necessary. She would even go as far as to kill if that’s what it would took. And the capacity for a person to kill is brave in a way. (No I’m not glorifying murder) Clara on the other hand, is shown differently, though still protrayed as strong.first off and most obviously is her mental powers. Defenitley a strength.  But she is also a wise woman who knows how to get what she wants as well, though she uses an entirely different set of means. I imagined going into the film that these woman would be portrayed in a very stereotypical and clichè manner. Woman loses lover, goes crazy begging for lover back. Though getting him back was the goal, the way in which Pepa dos this were far from the norm. She took on the full frontal assault instead of pleading on her knees. 


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